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we take great pride in knowing what you like what you have been seeing. we told you you ran your money. it is an important election but they may lead and. not if we could stay here and order room service. tamara we have rudy guiliani. this weekend superpower fall tr but mac -- powerful i am gerri w. for first time since hours hughehurricane sandystruck the e area tonight but serious problems remain with mass transit still not operating, people piling into city nascar, huge traffic jams, 6 avenue, trips that normally took 20 minutes took up on 3 hours, cell phone, and land line service not fully restored. there were problems at new york stock exchange. which was finally up and ruing. at least 61 people now confirmed
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dead, and about 6.5 million homes and businesses still without power, 4 million of which are in new york, and new jersey. and it seems reminisce en of hurricane katrina look at this nypd used helicopters that is to pluck people from rooftops in some new york city neighborhood, new york governor cuomo said limited come outer rai outer ral service h resumed. some commuter trains are still without power, some trashes washed away. the water making the important decision, amtrak service on north east corridor is mostly suspected. stranded air travelers get something relief, two of new york city's three major airports are open, njk and newark liberty, laguardia we heard, will hope tomorrow morning. african selling 20,000 flights
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since sunday, -- after counselling 20,000 flights since sunday, limit service are up again. the clean up of floods continues, rescue tradings on going. and mayor of hoboken issking people to bring boats to city hall to help rescue stranded residented. national guard bringing food and helping with evacuations, testimony take days, and weeks and months for the clean up process across regn, we go to fox news jonathan hunt, live in hoboken, new jersey, across the river from lower manhattan. >> reporter: it is a desperate situation for many here in hoboken, what happened is water of hudson river, here, surged up the slight slope. just off the river bank, then downward on to streets that are essentially at or below the level of the river, those streets, maybe remain cover --
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many remain covered by water, national guard arrived today, going residence to residence, getting peoe out by trucks, and many cases boat. we spoke with a few who said they were stuck, trapped in their apartment buildings, since the storm hit on monday night. a very difficult situation for them, we saw one lady coming off of one of those trucks in a wheelchair. a awful experience they have gone through in last 48 hours. a lot of businesses and offices reopening in manhattan issue but for many who live here in new jersey and have to get there, it is almost impossible to. the traffic jams men it took people 6 hours to go the few short miles from hoboken to manhattan today there is no new jersey transit, no subway service, there will be a very limited subway service in new york tomorrow. but the commute is a nightmare
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for everyone. i want to give you a look at power situation tonight in manhattan. unique look from other side of the river. down at the southern tip of manhattanning world strayed center, a few -- word trade center, a few lights in battery park, then pan north in manhattan, tribeca, west village, chelsea, all dark. lights coming on there at all. and then, you get to midtown, manhattan, iconic ige of the empire state building then beyond that, times square, that is where new yorkers have power, but downtown, as you can just see, still, in almost complete darkness tonight. >> as we know, 200,000 or 250,000 people in southern tip of manhattan without power. i think so many have looked at the situation, and decided maybe it is over and done, are people
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in hoboken angry now? are they you know beyond frustrated with how long it is faking for rescue operations? >> reporter: i think the thrustration is begin -- frustration is beginning to build a little here, and many other places. but, most of the people we spoke to today, were pretty sanguine, saying they knew what they were doing when they refused to follow all those orders from officials to get out of these areas, they knew the risks they were taking. they have lived with results of that, they were very happy to be rescued. across the river, in lower manhattan we heard a all sorts f stories, civic spirit neighbor helping neighbor. and steakhouse, a famous steakhou in meat packing district in new york, they decided, to set up a gas grill
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outside, and sold pretty good rib-eyes for 10 bucks instead of normal 47. instead of letting the meat go bad. gerri: i wish i could have gotten over there today. you talk about the mayor in hoboken telling peopl who have boats to come rescue people. did he get a big response? >> reporter: with several people, they have brought boats they could to help out, we have a come rah -- cameraman out right no on a boat with some of the rescuers trying to get to those people in the hardest hit areas. we heard a report, talking of frustration, one guy telling associated press, right here in hoboken, he got out of his air mattress and floated to city hall to give officials a piece of his mind. i wish i had seen that myself. gerri: all right listen, thank
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you so much for, that fascinating report, this mess just goes on and on, jonathan thank you so much. >> reporter: thank you. gerri: residentses in businesses below 34th street in lower manhattan face obstacles in an area that is densely populated with financially real estate,s without power, tom. >> we started out with 8 million people, this the northeast, mid atlantaic to northeast, dor down to 6 -- we're down to 6 million right now in new york probably whole new york area probably 2 million. so, it is a daunting challenge, the biggest storm we've it had and speaking of jonathan's great american story of people helping each other we bught in crews from all over, from california
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and everywhere to come in help us. gerri: we talked a little bit about that last night, 53 house people coming -- ,000 people coming in to assist wh helping get lights back on.3 we were just talking about lower nhattan, we heard mayor say lower manhattan might get lights on saturday, it is -- is -- are you going to able to make good on that? >> we're doing our best, we can't put it on a time frame right now, this is so complicated. we had everything hit us, the wind, and extensive amount of rain, surging floods, so, you basically, have hit it by everything but the locust i think. we at water is a major problem in lower manhattan. we have to get the water pumped out of under ground systems. we just got off of a phone call with secretary chu and people from the white house, and they are coming in to help.
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but we have a major job to get into that under ground equipment to kind of clean it up to dry it up on, and to get it back up, so it's hard to make a predict. gerri: how many weeks? that sounds like weeks and weeks? >> it could be long time, and we're trying to do everything we can to make it faster. again, you know the other job is erhead lines, they are outside of the city. that is a huge job as well. gerri: that is what is wrong in my neighborhood. i want to bring in daniel squadron, democratic new york state senor, his district lower manhattan, carroll gardens brook brookin, he is joining me by phone. thank you, let's start with state of play in your district, what are your constituents telling you? how are basic services?
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>> well, they are now experiencing coming into you know, 48 hours, for hundreds of thousand of of people without power, a large swath of manhattan among those a large number of high-rise buildings, senior buildings, public housing buildings. with long-term blackout in high-rise, it means not justin convenient of hot water and electricity but it is water itself. so, lks are hanging in there and doing their best. butou know, it is serious concern. gerri: are peoe getting ary? look, people are frustrated. and you know, communication, as good as it is, if you don't have power, you can't get that communication. you know there is an issue with folks saying what is going on. because they were not able to turn on the tv, and see great reporting that is happening. gerri: you know, i think you make a real good point, that
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some ways, it is different here in new york, manhattan, brooklyn, southern tip of new york, there are so many people concentrated hire, and people are on top of each other, if the services are not there, it is more difficult. tom to you, spotty service, are other service problems hindering what you are doing? >> well, again, u.s. electric system is most reliable electric system in the world. but with a storm of a millennium, that has never been seen before that knocks out power to over 8 million people, and then brings in water and wind, it is a very difficult tough job. it does rely on a lot of different people working together. we're working in new york with mayor, and governor, and others to bring in every resource we can to get water pumped out to get on with the job of trying to restore electricity. but it is -- it is a huge job.
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i understand people's frustration,veryone depends on electricity, it affects every part of our lives, we understand how important it is for customers to have it. gerri: and dan, i think their frustration goes beyond, that we're looking at pictures of houses burning. some situation may not in your district that are dire, really, and truly dire, you know, here in new york city we're not used to this, this happens elsewhere, this is a new experience for us, a lot going on downtown near the new york stock exchange at crossroads, of the capitalism really. how are you coping? and do you think that new yorkers will hold up here? >> well, certainly new yorkers will hold up. we have in lower manhattan we held up, came back stronger after unprecedented attack on our nation, we'll come back from
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this too. as someone who represents, the big part of the community, to watch wats flood in to brooklyn abou battery tunnel or anything into residential buildings, if is painful. and scary. and there is no question about that but, in new york, we know how to handle it. we stick together. people have been supportive of each other. i was talking with folks that live on 11th floor of a building, they were crying water up and down all day, they were not worried about themselves but their 87-year-old neighbor with diabetes. what to do about her. that says it all. gerri: that is commendable. daniel and tom thank you. thank you for the information, and for insight, we really appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. >> thank you. >> thank you. gerri: still ahead tonight, for homeowners, affected by
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gerri: stock market back open after closing for more than two straight days. now that the exchanges are back open, questions are growing on the nyse decision to close for two days, and the lack of a back up plan, charlie gasparino is here. what is with the lack of a back up plan. >> this is a disaster as you poned out before. here is what is scare beresponse scary about response ofs exchange.
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that plan that 14 street that knocked out all of light, that plant is problematic if they didn't see this coming, ten days ago, a problem with that plant, they have real problem, same with stock exchanges, they knew this would be mother of all storms. joe was on fox, and fox news talking about it for days, yet response came sunday night, a day before, they had a meeting and decided, said he would open stock exchange despite what was coming down, and do an all electronic exchange. gerri: why not do that? >> the brokers then complained. now and then they -- he backed -- did a 180, what did they complain about? if you listen to him, brokers campaigned they did not get eir computers u and running to interable with the system, brokerebrokers would say we do e
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trust in the system. i think they are all wrong. the bottom line is, new york stock exchange should have went outside of the city, brokennage firms, dallas works, if you are goldman sachs back, if you want to trade, you know mother of all storms are coming move your trading desk to acon, ohio or dallas or whatever. gerri: i want to ask you. you know this, 9/11, a decade ago now, they promised they wouldy would get a back up. hero are 10 years later. >> no back up, it is really sort of one of major, there are a lot of failings of particular the regulators. mayor is a nice person but one of her major failings is with market. you get feeling that everyone dropped ball on this they should not have been talking about this, with minutes to go before the storm lands, we knew it was
9:20 pm
coming. i left dallas, it takes a lot to pry he out of dallas watching a cowboy game, i left saturday morning i wanted to be at work. that is me, i was told to leave dallas saturday, i think on wednesday, when i -- >> there is no mystery there. i want to play sound from you, ceo on area, just moments ago really, talking about how they have back up plans. >> we had the ability to operate the market from any location. the industry ran a test saturday. request industry at large, with software with process, you have in place. gerri: what do you make of that? >> he is right, nazdaq was ready to open, all traditional electronic exchanges. they do electronically they were
9:21 pm
ready. it was just the new york stock exchange, which was not. when they didn't, and you know premier stock exchange. gerri: only 11% of volume. >> but still a big part, volume is interest first, it is with goldman sachs and all other places. gerri: charlie thank you, coming up, on a hard break, i would keep you here all night. >> please don't, i'm tired. >> eastern seaboard slowly pulls itself back together after hurricane sandy. some of the hardest hit people are small business owners. coming up, resources and tips people really love snapshot from progressive, but don't just listen to me. listen to these happy progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i wasaving big on car insurance. with snapshot, i knew what i could save before i switched to progressive. the better i drive, the more i save. i wish our company had something this cool. you're not filming this, are you?
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gerri: for those who experiencedage after sandy, i
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gerri: for homeowners who were in the path of sandy, the real troubsell just starting, filing a homeowner claims and a settlement is a lot of work. more on that in a minute. here are steps, homeowners should take right now to prepare a claim, find your policy, i know it may be no small feat, you may have to dig around with a flashlight, find the declaration's page, if you have a hurricane deductible, typically, there it is, it runs about 500 to $1,000. but it could be as much as 2% to 5% of the insured value of your
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home. not the home market value. and hurricanes are deductible by law. states on east coast, and southern seaboard. scan your policy for anticoncurrent causation clauses. you may have difficulting getting any coverage, take pictures of your home and damage or videotape it. with so many people in trouble, it may take weeks for an adjust to get to your house, but don't make major repairs until an adst ker ce in. and contact your agent, and file your claim as weekly as you can. early filers have a better chance of getting a good settlement, federal flood
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insurance usually has a 60 day deadline but that can be extended sometimes. if you can't live in you're house, maybe you have a tree through the roof, most policies will pay for a hotel room, but not if you are just out of power or flood. keep receipts for hoteltays and repairs. and a word of warning, if your problem is water, consider hiring an emergency service. to dry things out, drying out your house is critical to prevents the growth of mold. watch what you stay your agent. don't describe what you think is the cause of the damage, those statements could be used to deny your claim later, describe the scene, what you would like to do it semp rarely fix the problem, -- temporarily fixes problem, like buying fly wood to fix a
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window. the limits of federal policy is low, you have to have purchased them authority days before a sandy hits to get coverage, your regular home owner policy may conservative damage from the fail our of a cpany -- such pump, admit mitt shifts back to campaign mode, president obama focuses on sandy for one more day. the presidential election is now second day 6 days away. stay with us. i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80%
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it's just one of the ways constant contact can help you grow your small business. sign up for your free trial today at announcer: the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child's life. take time to be a dad today. learn more at gerri: breaking news just in tonight, the u.s. federal energy regulatory commission accusing barclays in its traders of manipulating california energy markets from november 2006-
9:32 pm
december 2008. it says the bank should pay roughly $470 million to settle allegations. also ordering to show why the penalty should not be theft. you will remember, under scrutiny for the interest-rate manipulation scandal of the summer. again, regulators accusing barclays and traders of manipulating the california energy markets. the beat goes on. this is like covering the cop shop. up next, the eastern seaboard slowly pulling itself back together in the wake of hurricane sandy. some of the artists of people a small business owners and of people who put their lives into their company now staring a devastating losses. he with resources and tips for rebuilding, ceo of the take business services. thanks for coming on. give me a sense of how many people who have small businesses might have been impacted here. >> clearly in the northeast region business has gone significantly impacted, and businesses in a lot of different areas, health-related, service related to manufacturing.
9:33 pm
the ability to get into the facility, get your employees there on time to really directly affected by the weather as well as the assessment of the damage that the storm to to the business. gerri: and a lot of times these people don't have the resources as a big company. i want to walk through your tips on what small business owners should be doing starting with the disaster assistance. >> well, basically businesses that have been damaged by the storm to have the ability to go to the federal government for help. they can go to sba,. they actually can call our company. we are assisting businesses. they can call us. we will work with them to bring in the government agencies so that they can get financial assistance if they qualify for it. gerri: and you can do it yourself. you don't have to have an intermediary, although you can choose to. there is tax relief, how so? >> that is a question. in terms of tax relie there are questions as to whether the legislators were going to reach
9:34 pm
out and provide tax benefits for businesses that have been affected by the disaster. historically we have not seen that, but it is being discussed. gerri: free legal services to be available from fema. is that typical? >> it is. the federal government reaches out and tries to do what i can't help small businesses. that is available from the government, where you can get those types of services. gerri: the cdc will have some clean-up tips. is that on their website. >> absolutely. you can go to cdc and get those helpful tips as well. gerri: i know people tonight are sitting at home talking about what can i do, what can i do right now to help get this back up and running? uld you say to people who are looking for that disaster plan? >> you need to assess the damage, assess the damage i like to your existing business, ut project going forward with this will do to your local economy, particularly if you have a small business. forecast cash flows. affect consumers in your area if your business to business type
9:35 pm
of an operation. most importantly you have to eserve your data. small businesses really need to use cloud computing solutions to get their hardware and software of premising get into a military strength facility. situations in new york, customers that have websites hosted in data centers in downtown manhattan. it's a disaster. gerri: the other thing that is fascinating, oneopy of everything. >> it has to be backed up. i can't believe how many doctors, dentists, lawyers, gee, i have back up. i have an assistant that goes into my tower and my desk, copies of cd-rom picks at home. that is not back up. gerri: you're sick with that idea. i love that. mobil payment systems are good. business interruption service. fortunately we will have to leave it there. thank you for coming in. a lot of people listening to every word you said. >> thank you.
9:36 pm
gerri: hurricanes in the minimum sum the campaign trail with the contenders had six days left to plead their case. both kendis are putting the gloves back on. medtronic going full force and the swing state of florida today while president obama holds off until tomorrow. he is meeting with the jersey governor chris christie to tour the damage such in the wake of the storm. the columnist of the national -- national review and executive director of public knows. i'm going to start with you. i watched the press conference with chris christie and the president. let me tell you, is chris christie the governor who was supporting mitt romney or not? , a little confused. >> well, remember that he is running for reelection in 2013 in new jersey, which has not voted for republican for president in over 20 years. so it's good politics for him, and, frankly, so far he is very pleased with of the federal government has been responding to his requests for aid and
9:37 pm
assistance. 62 percent of new jersey, i lived in new jery, is without power. that is a lot of angry potential voters if he does not get something done. so i think he is putting policy and his own politics temporarily ahead of mitt romney's. gerri: fascinating to watch, and i could not help but think maybe romney will have some kind of response down the line to governor christie. to you. you said that politicking never really ended. the conventional restaurant is that all politics ceased during the storm. you said, no. >> it didn't really. you had romney having events collecting, donated goods for those hurricane victims. that is politicking. he is showing a fall faced effort to help victims in the only way that he can't. president obama actually get there as president doing what presidents do, and that is aide with resources during times like this. so i don't think the politicking release stocks.
9:38 pm
you had the obama administration , his campaign, his surrogates. this election did not stop. down and not to, but it did not stop. gerri: which brings up the question, who gets the momentum now? coming into this event, this massive storm that has really paralyze this region, romney had the momentum. by friday, saturday who will have the big mark? >> i don't think this changes the momentum. it freezes it. a fourth of the country, everyone is preoccupied with there daily lives. nothing is changed in the fundamental dynamics of this race. put it out. the president of the united states is tied with romney 46 test 46. that is a dangerous number for the incumbent more than romney because if an incumbent is below 50% traditionally almost everyone who is not for him is either going to stay hoe of four for the challenger. obama at 46% shows he is
9:39 pm
slipping into underdog status as we spak. gerri: the me show you another, as long as you're talking polls, we have one, the national average. and obama is at 47%. i did he'd. gretchen, you know, here is what i don't understand. i thought that people made up their mind as the campaign progressed, but it seems that most people, like you, who are expert watchers of this campaign say lots of people change their mind right up to voting day. >> to we had seen that in the past. we have had some people who did not even make up their minds until election day. i think this eltion, you have seen a lot of people make up their minds early this election will come down to the few people who make up their minds over the course of the past weekend coming into the next few days. president obama has done with this hurricane is acted presidential, taking care of business. people don't look at one event but past history and the past
9:40 pm
four years. he has not always displayed that same type. he is not even saving as from the fiscal cliff reroute the falloff of the we had been heading toward for the past 11 months. gerri: we have to go, but all read the results of your pole. what or who is to blame for the federal debt? 79 percent of people responding say registered voters responded your poll said the government overspending. you have to leave it there. thanks for coming on. always a pleasure. both of you want. hope both of your families receive tonight. thank you. >> thank you. gerri: still to come, financial advisers are telling their clients about the last two days and what to expect better in the week. with justice to go before the election, and focus in the campaign. two is telling the truthabout plans to move to china? details next.
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gerri: tonight, growing concerns that many u.s. manufacturing jobs are at stake. take a look at this romney campaign ad slamming president obama. >> obama took a gm and chrysler into bankruptcy and sold chrysler to italians who were going to build jeeps and china. mitt romney will fight for every american job.
9:45 pm
gerri: and the left out swinging today claiming the ad is inaccurate, including joe biden who called it flagrantly dishonest. my next guest says romney has it right. here to explain, associate fellow for the national legal and policy center. great to have you back. always a pasure to have you on the show. this all came out of a report in bloomberg. let me read you what the road and read your response. european sales, the ceos, sergio marchini, considering building chrysler models in italy, including jeeps, for export to north america. now, is that true or is that false? >> that is absolutely true, and prior to that there was a bloomberg report that did say that the yacht was going to be building jeeps in china, possibly old jeeps, so that is where the governor romney got that information. now, there was one slight inaccuracies under the romney
9:46 pm
and where he said the obama administration sold chrysler to the italians. he didn't. he gave it to them. the only thing they paid up front was some technology they transferred. did not even pay any money for it. gerri: you're saying possibly the ad is to kind. >> yes. it is. it is true that china part of it is true. what was a little unclear was originally the bloomberg article said that they might build of jeeps in china. that doesn't appear to be true. it will build some for the chinese market, but also, there is still a risk that there will export these things. the italian story is a little more concerning because the need to get some cars built in factories that are underutilized in italy. during the conference call, the ceo for fiat made clear that they want to be building jeeps in italy. now, this story also --
9:47 pm
gerri: come on. i hear you say that, and as an american i think a much use in italy. are we going to move our production? and me, that makes the sense to me. and are these even going toobe sold in the us.? >> they are saying that they want to export them. in fact, negotiating with the italians to give tax rebates on the exports to help them export them to america. now, you know, they're going to say, yes, but you will still be it -- build jeeps and chrysler's this is new. it will be sold in europe, but also exported here. just because it's a new jeep people will be apologists and say, oh, well, that's a new one. they don't have to build the one here. that's a new vehicle. they can build that in italy. these are potential jobs lost. the car could have been built here. the car could have been built here and exported instead of built in italy and exported year. absolutely truthful ad by
9:48 pm
romney. and it's very, very clear from the bloomberg article and the conference call. another important thing on that conference call that i noted in rabat on the mlb pc, the benchmark to allosaurs chrysler's in jeep should be a savings of at least $1. and chrysler should payto produce these cars elsewhere if this savings are at least $1. it is clear they are considering this. for now it is just a few cars. you know, what happens is we gave an american company to the italians. we have to expect that fiat has an obligation and loyalty to its own citizens, to its investors, and if they want to protect their manufacturing. gerri: we have to keep jobs in this country. you know, that's my bottom line. if you want to save your dollar, go savet somewhere else. thanks for coming in.
9:49 pm
appreciate your help, and obviously go on. i was listening to for you for a long time. appreciate it. gerri: in tonight's tech connect more troubles for facebook stock. it fell nearly 4% and is still falling after hours as more employees are eligible to start selling restricted stock in the company, that's what happens. the lockout expired on monday when employees to start selling todayue to superstore sandy. now, and all 2,304,000,000 additional shares were eligible to trade. ceo is said he will not be selling stock until at least september, next september. the next block comes on november vember 14th. mark your calendar. meanwhile, apple slipping below $600 a share today following a major executive shake-up on monday. the man responsible for the highly prized apple maps program was pushed out. apple relatively
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okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so much more than the other ones. so what if wjust changed the format altogether ? isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear. still sticki with verizon. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combed.
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gerri: in focus tonight, wall street. it may reopen for business today, but many investors are still on edge. shares closing mostly flat after the monster storm, sandy, closed wall street over the past two days. overall the dow down two and a half% for the month of october alone. here to weigh in, chairman and ceo of edelman financial services. great to see you. you know, people look at this and the results and are not happy with it. what do you tell people out there who say, i've seen this movie before and the like the way it is?
9:54 pm
>> maybe you like the movie last month of the month before that of a lot of for that of the month before hat of a model for at. this is been a pretty darn good year for people to say i'm happy any time the market goes down, well, get a grip. the market goes up and down. it's been going up an awfulot of the past four years. gerri: i like that vote of confidence. less talk about something very real that people are facing right now. maybe you're not thinking about your portfolio. in your thinking about the safety of your home and family. a lot of people have had losse what kind of financial advice would you give people who are concerned about the fundamentals right now. >> well, it will be a lot better if people prepared in advance. ironically or may be politically we have an article in a newsletter in october saying how to prepare for the next disaster. i did realize it would come this best. you need to make sure you have proper insurance protection. a lot of people don't realize that floods are not covered by most homeowners policies. you need to separately insured
9:55 pm
for that. you need to make sure that not only to have adequate homeowners insurance but that your financial papers are safe so that if the house does suffer damage you can get a hold of your financial documents. if you have to leave work because of the tragedy your employer knows where you are and you aren't going to suffer too much. banks are closed lely experience this week, financial transactions are hard to do because wall street was closed. you need to make sure you can weather the storm financially as well as physically. gerri: was that concerning to you? "street being down? we don't have a lot of time left in the segment, but a lot of people coming to me saying no, no. the market is down. real concern out there. >> i was not worried, i was annoyed. you would think that the new york stock exchange would have a better contingency plan so that if a facility that is below sea level gets flooded they are still able to do business to support the global economy. so i'm annoyed and a little disappointed in the performance of nyse officials.
9:56 pm
gerri: thank you for coming on. always a pleasure. always a pleasure. we are all frustrated [ male announcer ] how do you trade? with scottrader streaming quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor, right at your fingertips. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. try our easy-to-use scottrader streaming quotes. it's another reason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade.
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heartburn symptoms causedelieve by acid reflux disease.ying...
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osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low maesium levels have been seen with nexium. possible side effects include headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk to your doctor about nexium. gerri: finally, is it has been a terrible week for people in northeast. one place we've been able to draw strength is from our kids, from newest new yorkers, the babies we saw evacuated from the new york hospital. and brave men, women, moms and dads who helped move them. and kids on street, trick-or-treating for halloween. smiles from kids, stuffing their face with candy. broken stuff can be fixed. our kids represent our future, it is

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